New Burger at Smashburger

Tonight we had a Yelp event at the West Valley Smashburger location. They are launching a brand new burger on January 17th and they wanted us to try it out first and see what we thought of it.

The Sin City burger is either a 1/3 or ½ pound certified angus beef patty that is “smashed” onto their flattop to sear in the juices (although it’s widely thought that searing meat has absolutely no effect on preserving juices), then topped with American cheese, bacon, haystack onions, and their “Smashsauce.” Oh, and I forgot one more small little thing: a FRIED EGG.

I’ve gotta say: this thing is awesome. But in all fairness, you put a fried egg, fried onions, and bacon on a shoe and I’d think it was delicious. But seriously, this is a tasty burger. One of my favorites.

Here’s a shot of Mel smashing her burger:

The next time you have a craving for a burger, make it a point to head over to a Smashburger joint and ask them for the Sin City burger. But do it quick, because word is that they’re only going to offer it on the menu through February.

SmashBurger on Urbanspoon


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