Costa Vida Gluten Free Menu

I had the opportunity to listen to Chef Dave Prows of Costa Vida as he introduced their new gluten-free menu options. I went in expecting to see two or three menu options for those who can’t consume gluten, but was really surprised when he told us that almost the entire Costa Vida menu is now gluten-free.

I tried the chile verde burrito, and it was delicious. Instead of using wheat flour as the thickening agent for their sauces, Chef Dave developed recipes that uses rice, soy, and bean flour instead. And I gotta say: I couldn’t tell a bit of difference. The burrito was as delicious as always.

I also had a bite of the raspberry chipotle chicken, and that was tasty as well.

You can see their page discussing their gluten-free options here.

Oh yeah, one more thing: I usually don’t order desserts at Mexican restaurants, but their desserts are absolutely delicious. The key lime and tres leches were unbelievably rich and decadent.

Disclaimer: my meal was provided to me free of charge


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