Voice your opinion regarding SLC food trucks

City officials are looking to revamp local ordinances to possibly make them more mobile food friendly, and are accepting comments from the public regarding this issue. I received the following email from SuAn Chow of the Chowtruck. 

Dear Friends,

The City is in the process of reviewing and revising the ordinances for “mobile food trucks”.  They have set up an open forum for you to be able to post your comments in which they will be read and reviewed by city officials prior to formal changes.  This is a great opportunity for you to voice your support in advance and to hopefully help make progressive changes.

As owner of Chow truck I have worked diligently to provide a strong model of an upscale gourmet mobile food truck that will hopefully be the beginning of many.  I have been able to provide affordable, quality, and accessible food to a broad demographic of people from a wide range of locations, and have brought awareness and energy to the mobile food truck trend here in Salt Lake.

There are the obvious compliances which are required for all business, and we most certainly abide by them such as; licensing, taxes, health dept., etc., so what really should be in discussion are the operation considerations.  Please read the brief introduction of “Where do you want to see food trucks in the community” as it outlines some change considerations.  I hope you will take a moment to please post your comments, as it may influence the future of the food trucks in Salt Lake.

And please feel free to forward.


Thank you,



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