Copper Onion’s new restaurant

I spoke with Ryan Lamon, the current sous chef at the Copper Onion a few days ago. Sounds like they are making headway on opening their new restaurant just about a ¼ block east of their current location (in the old Sicilia Pizza location).

The new restaurant will be Southeast Asian-inspired, featuring dishes and flavors from Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, and Vietnam. I excitedly asked him if he was going to feature a Singapore Crab dish. He says he wants to, but so far has struggled to find a distributor that can bring crab into Utah that meets his high standards of freshness and taste.

Ryan Lamon, who has extensive experience cooking Asian dishes while in New York, has been named the executive chef of the new restaurant. He was mum on the name, but says they are on track to open mid-October.

Plum Alley on Urbanspoon


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