Salt to Honey

Salt. And honey. Two of the very most basic ingredients in modern cooking. Also, two very important ingredients in Utah’s culinary and agricultural history.

From Redmond Sea Salt to Slide Ridge Honey, Utah is well-known for producing some of the best salt and honey in the country. These two ingredients are celebrated in the Junior League of Salt Lake’s newest cookbook, Salt to Honey. Over 1,000 recipes were submitted by community members, and from those 1,000 submissions 250 were chosen for the book.

Recipes from well-known restaurants and artisans such as Hell’s Backbone, Pago, and Slide Ridge Honey are included in the book.

100% of the proceeds from the book go towards furthering the mission of the Junior League of Salt Lake.

Also, on February 9th, the Junior League will be hosting a Salt to Honey launch party at the brand-new Natural History Museum of Utah. Tickets are $25, and the evening will include the opportunity to try various recipes from the cookbook.


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