Pizzeria 712/La Nay Ferme Dinner

I have heard great things about La Nay Ferme and was elated to receive an invite to come down to tour the farm and participate in their first farm dinner of the year.

They partnered with Pizzeria 712 for the food. Pizzeria 712 is owned by the Heirloom Restaurant Group, which also owns Communal, Mountain West Burrito, as well as their own catering company. One of Heirloom’s guiding principles is sourcing as many ingredients as close to home as possible. And La Nay Ferme provides them with that ability. Heirloom sources a large amount of their fresh produce from La Nay.

It was a bit drizzly during appetizers, so they scrambled to move all of the tables and place settings to dry shelter.

It was such a unique experience to be able to eat dinner surrounded by the sights and smells of the farm (our table was plopped right over some beautiful basil plants). Taylor Mason, the head chef at 712, went to the farm the day before and picked all of the ingredients for the dinner. We had a beautiful strawberry basil drink, sugary sweet peas, farro and cucumber, a wonderful salad of arugula, feta, zucchini and squash, tasty chicken and quinoa, and topped it off with a surprisingly rich corn cake dressed with a corn puree (which they said was simply made by pureeing corn, milk, cream, and a bit of sugar).

Melissa (my wife) and I both agreed that this was one of our most favorite and memorable dates we’ve had. If you’re interested in more info on the dinners you can check out La Nay’s website. You can also visit their Facebook page.


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