This is T. T makes some mighty fine BBQ with his Q4U BBQ truck and smoker. Find T. Ask T what you should get, and give T some money. Trust T. Enjoy.

New Food Truck in Salt Lake

Just found out about a new food truck roaming the streets called Better Burger. Sounds like they just got their start today, and they’re using local baker Stoneground for their buns, local turkey, and grass-fed beef from Moab for their burgers. Their blacked-out truck looks pretty slick, too. 

It’s great to see a new food truck that’s so focused on responsibly-sourced food.

Early reports from some customers on Twitter say “it was fantastic! You can taste the quality and freshness.”




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New Food Trucks hit SLC

Que bueno! Salt Lake City is apparently getting a couple new food trucks.

Stephanie from Frida Bistro is one of the owners of the Cuban Mobile truck.

According to a tweet from the newly created @cubanmobileslut Twitter account, things are happening quickly and they should be hitting the streets within the next few weeks. Follow their Twitter account to stay on top of the news and to find their locations. This is great news, since Salt Lake is in desperate need of Cuban food.

Also, there’s a new sushi truck cruising the streets called Cruzin Sushi. Judging by their tweets, they’ve mostly been hanging out at Gallivan, RC Willey, and Ocean Beauty.

So nice to see more food trucks. Hopefully the trend continues, and hopefully Salt Lake gets something figured out regarding the trucks. Seems like the Chowtruck has been spending much more time outside of Salt Lake City proper because of the difficulty they’ve had in operating within the city.