Yelp’s Thirst Quencher

Yelp is at it again, coordinating what sounds like another fun event the week of October 15th-20th.

This event is all about the beverages, with various local businesses hosting the events. CO2 Cafe, Tea Grotto, Squatters, and Rubio’s are all participating. I’m hoping to go to the CO2 event.

You need to RSVP for the event by going here. If you don’t have a Yelp account set up, you’ll need to do that prior to RSVP’ing.

Yelp Eats

Salt Lakers have the opportunity to try delicious food from some of the best Salt Lake restaurants for about 50% off regular menu price, without the need of coupons.

From July 11th through the 17th stop by any participating restaurant and you’ll be given a special “Yelp Eats” menu with deeply discounted meals.

And these aren’t deals at Bob’s Burger Shak. We’re talking Atlantic Café, Bohemian Brewery, Cucina Vanina, Faustina, Meditrina, Metropolitan, Stoneground, and The Wild Grape. If you haven’t tried these restaurants, now’s your chance for minimal cash.

I already have my meal at The Wild Grape planned:
Lobster Risotto $6.50
Wagyu tenderloin with mushroom polenta $12.25
Vanilla Bean creme brulee with fresh berries $3.25

I’ll be out the door (excluding tip of course) for $22!

For more information on Yelp Eats, go here.