Suggestions for Alton Brown’s Road Tour

As part of Alton Brown’s 2015 Road Tour, he will be passing through Salt Lake City, and has asked for suggestions as to which local food places he should visit, using the hashtag #ABRoadEatsSLC. After throwing some suggestions out on twitter, I thought it might be useful to compile what I consider some of Salt Lake’s best food offerings at the moment.

In no particular order:

1. Red Iguana. Of course. Arguably the most famous restaurant in the state, with good reason. Go there and get whatever you want, but make sure it has mole on it.

2. Banbury Cross Donuts. Easily the best donuts in Utah, I have no idea what Banbury does to make their donuts so special, but whatever it is, I hope they keep on doing it. A few of my favorites: the cinnamon sugar donut, the white cake with sprinkles, and the cinnamon rolls.

3. R&R BBQ. These guys are doing BBQ right, and it’s obvious judging by the lines that form every day in twin brother Rod and Roger’s meat shop. Get the brisket and ribs.

4. Penny Ann’s. Family-owned and -run, my favorite stop for breakfast in the valley. Get the hotcakes for breakfast, then stay a few hours and grab a reuben for lunch.

5. Feldman’s Deli. New Jersey natives move to Salt Lake and discover our selection of Jewish foods is a bit, well, lacking. So they open up their own shop and begin importing pastrami and corned beef from one of the most famous delis in New York (I’ve been sworn to secrecy which one). The sloppy joe is the real deal here.

6. The Annex by Epic Brewing. Local brewmaster opens up a restaurant and brings in top cooking talent. Go with the mussels, which are FedEx’d in from the East coast. 

7. Alamexo. We have a lot of Mexican food in Salt Lake, but not a lot of what I consider creative or refined Mexican. Chef Matt Lake continues to crank out some incredible dishes each day. Get the conchinita pibil.

8. Les Madeleines. This patisserie produces some of the best pastries in the city. Of course, their signature pastry is the Kouing Aman, which I would choose as my last meal on earth.

9. Lucky 13 Bar. Famous for their “Breath Enhancer” garlic burger, but you’ll be more than satisfied with anything on the menu. Grab a side of rosemary garlic fries while you’re at it.

10. Chowtruck. Salt Lake’s first (non-roach coach) food truck, Chowtruck brought a new era of dining to the city, with innovative asian cuisine. Chile Verde quesadillas and the elk sliders are ridiculously delicious.

11. Taqueria 27 ushered in the era of $4 tacos to Salt Lake, and they’re worth every penny. Daily specials of various tacos and guacamoles makes this place a fresh adventure every time I go.

12. Hector’s. My favorite carne asada burrito in the valley. The fish tacos are also delicious.

13. Bruges. Pierre got his start slinging Liege waffles at the downtown farmers market, and now has a couple shops throughout the valley. Get the waffles, of course, some fries, and if you’re really wanting a gut bomb, get the Machine Gun sandwich.

14. Eva’s Bakery. Delicious scratch-made bread using Utah’s own Central Milling flours. Wonderful pastries and a beautiful little shop.

What did I miss? Add your suggestions below, or on twitter/FB using the hashtag #ABRoadEatsSLC


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