Culinary Crafts October Pop-Up

One of Utah’s premier caterers, Culinary Crafts, will be holding a pop-up dinner on Friday, October 23rd, from 7-10pm at The Tasting Room, 357 W 200 S, suite 100.

The dinner will feature ten (yes, ten) courses, ranging from Rocky Mountain trout and Snake River beef tenderloin to a Pot de Creme featuring Amano chocolate.

The dinner will feature fruit and vegetables from the Green Urban Lunch Boxes program, a non-profit which supports urban agriculture and hunger relief. A portion of each ticket will go towards supporting the Green Urban Lunch Box program. 

Tickets aren’t cheap–$150, plus another $50 if you would like the wine pairing supplement. But this is exactly what home equity loans are for, right?

To order tickets, call (801) 225-6567 or click here.


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