Caputo’s Annual Chocolate Festival

The fifth annual Caputo’s Chocolate Festival is just around the corner. This event sells out each year, and features some of the region’s best chefs and chocolate makers. Additionally, each year one chocolate maker is spotlighted, and this year the spotlight shines on one of our own: local chocolate producer Amano Chocolate.

Amano was part of the first wave of craft chocolate makers in the US. When they got started there were only about 14 other chocolate makers, including giants like Hershey’s. Now there are hundreds. Amano’s chocolate making style is one of a kind. One the scale from loud, brash American to sophisticated European, Amano achieves what makes each style great, without sacrifice. -Matt Caputo

This year’s culinary lineup includes Briar Handly and Alexa Norlin of HSL, Courtney McDowell of Pallet, Akane Nakamura of Naked Fish, Amber Billingsley of Amour Cafe, and Alicia Pacheco of Publik Kitchen. Amazing chocolate will be the main player in all of their creations.

Wine will be supplied by Libation, beer by Avenues Proper, craft cocktails mixed by Water Witch Bar, and coffee by La Barba.

The chocolate festival takes place on Thursday, November 17th. Doors open at 7pm at Caputo’s Deli downtown (314 W 300 S). Admission $35, plus $15 for the optional alcohol beverage pairings. Tickets must be purchased in advance by calling (801) 531-8669 or visiting Caputo’s Deli online.

All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative.